Our Patients Love Our Therapy & Treatment Solutions

Courtney Robinson
Oceanside, CA

It's been a month since my first treatment. It's been successful, especially with pain management. The most noticeable thing is I'm not tired early. I can now enjoy my time after work. Doctors at BFF Medical Wellness Clinic are very kind and knowledgeable. I'm sure they will help you with any questions.

Christine Lee
Escondido, CA

I am so thankful that I researched ketamine infusions online and found BFF Medical Wellness Clinic. They were able to see me for a consultation within a few days and indicated that I might benefit from the ketamine treatment. My doctor was able to communicate with BFF and encouraged me to move forward.  I expected to have to wait weeks (or months) to start but scheduling has been incredibly easy. I have completed three out of six treatments so far and my depression has lifted. Most of my anxiety is gone as well. I was optimistic going into the process but couldn’t have predicted that I would feel this good so quickly.  I am relieved knowing that moving forward, even if my depression returns I have finally found a treatment that helps. I am grateful for BFF Medical Wellness Clinic doctors making the treatment readily available and affordable.

Andrew Snyder
Carlsbad, CA

Fantastic doctor! Very caring and professional. I've had ketamine infusions for chronic pain at several places and doctors at BFF Medical Wellness Clinic's delivery process is far superior to others. The ketamine treatment environment is peaceful and soothing. Highly recommend this clinic if you have chronic pain and planning to try ketamine therapy.

Courtney Kidwell
Palm Springs, CA

The entire staff at BFF Medical Wellness Clinic is top-notch.  I have been to a bad ketamine clinic and suffered the consequences, but everything about BFF proves that this is the wellness clinic I should have used.  From setting appointments to getting the treatments to chatting with my doctor throughout the process - I couldn't put together a better team.  Depression and anxiety have been a part of my life since I was very young.  When I hit rock bottom, ketamine therapy was my saving grace.  If you are like I was and you want to go into this treatment with confidence, call them to get help.

Lilian Tanner
Corona, CA

I had a wonderful experience with BFF Medical Wellness Clinic. The staff was friendly, helpful, and professional. My provider was great. The rooms were so homey and comfortable, especially for someone so terribly depressed. The staff was always able to accommodate my requests when I quickly needed an infusion. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to schedule ketamine therapy in the area.

Kendra Riggins
Murrieta, CA

I have been going to BFF Medical Wellness Clinic for the last two months. They offer numerous services that I needed. I loved my therapist! She is the best for deep tissue and range of motion! I never leave disappointed.  The staff is very professional and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. I used ketamine therapy for pain management, which was my first time. The treatment was completed as expected and it's been really helping the back pain I have been having for years. The staff is very helpful and never pushy. Very friendly staff and doctors. I will definitely continue using their ketamine therapy for several more sessions to help the pain I have been having.

Katharina Delbridge
Temecula, CA

A great and welcoming experience. My first time at a doctor's office in Temecula and went without a hitch. Little wait time from making my appointment and everyone was welcoming, non-judgemental about my needs, and helpful with answering my questions. I strongly recommend BFF Medical Wellness Clinic to anyone suffering from migraines.

Jennifer Evans
San Diego, CA

My doctor was extremely professional and personable. They handled my medical concerns with care and gave me easy and reliable medical solutions that fit me & my lifestyle. The staff were all so professional and the wait time was extremely short. There are so many wonderful things I could say about BFF Medical Wellness Clinic. I highly recommend anyone looking for a reliable wellness clinic.

Our Patients Love Our Treatments

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Amy Johnston
San Diego, CA

BFF Medical Wellness Clinic and its team are angels of mercy.  Not only was I made to feel at home, my doctor took the time to explain what the process was doing neurologically and provide some context for the history of this treatment. If you’re considering this modality of treatment, call BFF.  Their wisdom and experience are priceless (and their prices are the most reasonable in the Temecula area). I recommend this clinic to anyone who needs wellness treatment.

Tom Loversky
Vista, CA

I am so thankful to the doctors at BFF Medical Wellness Clinic. I visited this clinic for ketamine therapy and started my treatments in April and I already see it's helping my chronic pain and depression.  My depression has improved so much in the past 2 months. I feel BFF doctors care about each and every one of their patients, yet treat everyone individually. I strongly recommend this clinic.