Hormone Replacement in Ontario, CA

Hormones are like the quiet managers of our bodies. They play a pivotal role in controlling a wide range of physiological functions from our mood to our metabolism. But sometimes, due to various reasons like aging, illness, or surgery, hormone levels can drop, leading to potential problems. At BFF Medical Wellness Clinic, we offer premium services for our clients including bio-identical hormone replacement in Ontario, California, and surrounding areas. If you’re interested in HRT, read below to learn how it can help.


The Advantages of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Ontario, CA

HRT isn't just about addressing hot flashes. Here are some key advantages:

  • Relief from Menopausal Symptoms: Menopause can come with a range of symptoms, from night sweats to mood changes. HRT can help alleviate these symptoms, making life a tad bit easier.
  • Protection against Osteoporosis: As hormone levels drop, bone density can decrease, increasing the risk of fractures. HRT can help maintain stronger bones.
  • Improved Sleep: Balanced hormones can lead to better sleep, helping you to feel more rested and rejuvenated.
  • Enhanced Mood and Well-being: Hormonal balance can influence our mood and overall sense of well-being. Many people report feeling more like themselves after HRT.

Different Types of Hormone Replacement Treatments

HRT isn’t one size fits all, there are several options to consider:

  • Estrogen Therapy: This is the most common type of HRT for women experiencing menopausal symptoms.
  • Progesterone Therapy: Some women might need an extra dose of progesterone along with estrogen, especially if they haven't undergone a hysterectomy.
  • Testosterone Therapy: Primarily for men, this therapy addresses issues like reduced libido, fatigue, and other symptoms associated with lowered testosterone levels.
  • Bioidentical Hormones: These are hormones derived from plant estrogens that are chemically identical to those our bodies produce.
  • Pellet Therapy: Tiny pellets are placed under the skin to deliver a steady stream of hormones.

The best treatment depends on individual needs. Always discuss your options with a professional to find the right fit for you.

Am I a Candidate?

You might be wondering if HRT is for you. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Experiencing Severe Menopausal Symptoms: If symptoms are affecting your quality of life, HRT might be a good option.
  • Lost Bone Mass: If other treatments aren't working, HRT might help protect against osteoporosis.
  • Early Menopause: Women who experience menopause before 40 might have a higher risk of osteoporosis and heart disease, and HRT can help mitigate those risks.
  • Had Your Ovaries Removed: This can cause menopause to kick in early, and HRT can help manage the symptoms.

However, if you have a history of certain cancers, blood clots, or strokes, HRT might not be recommended.

Do You Need Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement in Ontario, California?

Sometimes our bodies need a little help to keep things balanced and working smoothly. Just like how you might take vitamins to boost your health, HRT is one way people can restore hormonal balance. Call the team at BFF Medical Wellness Clinic to learn more or to schedule a consultation for hormone replacement therapy, low testosterone replacement, or menopause treatment in Ontario, California? in Ontario, CA.

BFF Medical Wellness Clinic and its team are angels of mercy.  Not only was I made to feel at home, my doctor took the time to explain what the process was doing neurologically and provide some context for the history of this treatment. If you’re considering this modality of treatment, call BFF.  Their wisdom and experience are priceless (and their prices are the most reasonable in the Temecula area). I recommend this clinic to anyone who needs wellness treatment.

Amy Johnston
San Diego, CA

I am so thankful to the doctors at BFF Medical Wellness Clinic. I visited this clinic for ketamine therapy and started my treatments in April and I already see it's helping my chronic pain and depression.  My depression has improved so much in the past 2 months. I feel BFF doctors care about each and every one of their patients, yet treat everyone individually. I strongly recommend this clinic.

Tom Loversky
Vista, CA

It's been a month since my first treatment. It's been successful, especially with pain management. The most noticeable thing is I'm not tired early. I can now enjoy my time after work. Doctors at BFF Medical Wellness Clinic are very kind and knowledgeable. I'm sure they will help you with any questions.

Courtney Robinson
Oceanside, CA

I am so thankful that I researched ketamine infusions online and found BFF Medical Wellness Clinic. They were able to see me for a consultation within a few days and indicated that I might benefit from the ketamine treatment. My doctor was able to communicate with BFF and encouraged me to move forward.  I expected to have to wait weeks (or months) to start but scheduling has been incredibly easy. I have completed three out of six treatments so far and my depression has lifted. Most of my anxiety is gone as well. I was optimistic going into the process but couldn’t have predicted that I would feel this good so quickly.  I am relieved knowing that moving forward, even if my depression returns I have finally found a treatment that helps. I am grateful for BFF Medical Wellness Clinic doctors making the treatment readily available and affordable.

Christine Lee
Escondido, CA



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