BFF Year of Wellness Experience

At BFF Medical Wellness Clinic, we are dedicated to guiding you through a transformative journey with our Year of Wellness program, a comprehensive approach to enhancing your overall health and well-being. Unlike traditional health treatments, our program offers a holistic path to wellness, focusing on both physical and mental health improvements. Our program is designed to provide rapid, effective results, tailored to each individual's unique needs, offering a new perspective on living a healthier and more fulfilled life.


Understanding the process and what to expect from our Year of Wellness program is crucial. We provide a clear, step-by-step roadmap, empowering you to take an active role in your wellness journey, leading to enhanced outcomes and a rewarding experience.


At BFF Medical Wellness Clinic, we've carefully designed a comprehensive, five-step process to guide you from the moment you walk through our doors until you complete your therapy and beyond. Our goal is to create an environment that supports your overall well-being by prioritizing safety, efficacy, and comfort while providing a structure that respects your unique needs.

Our team will guide you through the following Five meticulously designed steps:



  • Comprehensive Medical History Review and Screening: Conducted via phone or our online patient portal by our medical team to understand your health background comprehensively.
  • Assessment for Program Suitability: Determining your fit for our Year of Wellness program, ensuring it aligns with your unique health goals and needs.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Collaboratively selecting an appointment time that accommodates your schedule, for a smooth start to your wellness journey.
  • Preparation for Initial Treatments: Guiding you through each step of the process, prioritizing your safety and comfort as we prepare you for the beginning of your treatments.
  • Sample of Medical Devices and Facility Tour: Offering a chance to experience our medical devices firsthand and a guided tour of our facility, subject to availability, for a comprehensive understanding of what our clinic offers.


Upon your arrival, our reception staff will review your paperwork and address any questions you may have.

  • Warm Welcome and Assistance: Upon your arrival, our friendly staff will greet you, assist with any necessary paperwork, and address any initial questions you might have.
  • Escorted to Treatment Room: A team member will escort you to a comfortable treatment room, ensuring your comfort and privacy.
  • Introduction to Medical Professionals: In the treatment room, you'll meet our medical professionals who will review your medical history with you.
  • Explanation of Medical Devices and Wellness Program: Our experts will explain the medical devices we use and provide a detailed overview of how our Year of Wellness program works.
  • Purchase and Lab Work: Once you decide to purchase your wellness plan, we will conduct the necessary lab work on the same day to kickstart your personalized wellness journey.
  • Starting Your Wellness Program: Depending on the treatment plan, you may have the option to begin your wellness program immediately or during your next scheduled appointment.
  • Goal Setting for Future Appointments: During your subsequent visit, we will focus on setting specific wellness goals tailored to your needs, marking a significant step in your wellness journey.


  • Meeting with the Medical Provider: Before starting your treatments, you'll have a one-on-one meeting with our medical provider to discuss your health aspirations.
  • Discussing Diverse Goals: This discussion will cover not just medical objectives but also your spiritual and holistic goals, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your wellness.
  • Creating a Personalized Roadmap: Based on this discussion, the medical provider will assist in crafting a tailored roadmap for your wellness journey, pinpointing the treatments to start with and outlining a monthly plan to achieve your health goals.
  • Incorporating Your Personal Goals: You are encouraged to bring any personal notes or specific goals you wish to prioritize. Our team is committed to incorporating these into your wellness plan.
  • Acknowledging Individual Journeys: We recognize that each individual's path to wellness is unique, and we tailor our approach to reflect this diversity in our care and treatment plans.


  • Completing Intake and Consent Forms: Upon arrival for your treatment, you'll be asked to fill out the necessary intake and consent forms to ensure you're fully informed and agreeable to the treatment process.
  • Quick and Painless Treatments: Most treatments at our clinic are designed to be efficient, typically lasting about 30 minutes, so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule without discomfort.
  • Professional Guidance by Our Medical Team: Throughout the treatment, our experienced medical team will guide you, ensuring a smooth, comfortable, and effective experience tailored to your wellness needs.



Schedule Your Next Visit: To ensure you achieve the best possible outcomes, remember to book your next appointment for the coming month. Consistency is key when it comes to the effectiveness of our treatment plans.

Enhance Your Wellness Program: To further tailor your wellness journey, consider incorporating any of the following treatments into your plan for a holistic approach:

  • Shockwave Therapy: Offers non-invasive solutions for pain relief and tissue repair.
  • Plasma Fibroblast and Plasma Jet Therapy: Focuses on skin tightening and rejuvenation for a youthful appearance.
  • Weight Management Treatments: Features customized treatments, including monthly plans or weekly GLP-1 injections for effective weight control.
  • Curated IV Therapy: Delivers personalized nutrient infusions to support overall health and vitality.
  • Neurotoxin Treatments: Offers aesthetic improvements by minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • 4-injection Vitamin Package: This package boosts energy and metabolic health with Vitamin B-12, MIC combo injections, fat-dissolving treatments, and more.
  • Lab Work: Options include a Hormone Panel or a General Wellness checkup.
  • Lipo B Shot: Aims at fat reduction and overall health revitalization.
  • Regenerative Medicine: PRF/PRP vial treatments for aesthetics leverage the body's healing mechanisms for a safer and more effective aesthetic enhancement.
  • Microneedling: Offered with or without Radiofrequency technology for superior skin rejuvenation.
  • Discount on Other Clinic Services: Members receive a 10% discount on a broad spectrum of additional services, enhancing the overall value of their treatment plan.

We are eager to keep supporting your health and wellness goals. Thank you for entrusting BFF Medical Wellness Clinic as your partner in this transformative journey!

BFF Medical Wellness Clinic and its team are angels of mercy.  Not only was I made to feel at home, my doctor took the time to explain what the process was doing neurologically and provide some context for the history of this treatment. If you’re considering this modality of treatment, call BFF.  Their wisdom and experience are priceless (and their prices are the most reasonable in the Temecula area). I recommend this clinic to anyone who needs wellness treatment.

Amy Johnston
San Diego, CA

I am so thankful to the doctors at BFF Medical Wellness Clinic. I visited this clinic for ketamine therapy and started my treatments in April and I already see it's helping my chronic pain and depression.  My depression has improved so much in the past 2 months. I feel BFF doctors care about each and every one of their patients, yet treat everyone individually. I strongly recommend this clinic.

Tom Loversky
Vista, CA

It's been a month since my first treatment. It's been successful, especially with pain management. The most noticeable thing is I'm not tired early. I can now enjoy my time after work. Doctors at BFF Medical Wellness Clinic are very kind and knowledgeable. I'm sure they will help you with any questions.

Courtney Robinson
Oceanside, CA

I am so thankful that I researched ketamine infusions online and found BFF Medical Wellness Clinic. They were able to see me for a consultation within a few days and indicated that I might benefit from the ketamine treatment. My doctor was able to communicate with BFF and encouraged me to move forward.  I expected to have to wait weeks (or months) to start but scheduling has been incredibly easy. I have completed three out of six treatments so far and my depression has lifted. Most of my anxiety is gone as well. I was optimistic going into the process but couldn’t have predicted that I would feel this good so quickly.  I am relieved knowing that moving forward, even if my depression returns I have finally found a treatment that helps. I am grateful for BFF Medical Wellness Clinic doctors making the treatment readily available and affordable.

Christine Lee
Escondido, CA



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